Humidity: Obtaining The Perfect Moisture Level

Humidity can be a pain, but even more importantly, humidity can have a big impact on the quality of your indoor air and your home comfort levels. The United States Environmental Protection Agency urges families to sustain proper humidity levels, saying it is one of the most important ways to improve air quality in the home.


Luckily, you can control it.


The best thing to do is to integrate a whole-house humidifier and dehumidifier system. Humidity levels ranging from 35% and 50% are preferred for comfort, experts say. But if you want an environment that doesn’t include microbes and that won’t damage wood, the humidity levels will need to be kept between 45% and 50%. Humidity should be balanced appropriately to keep you home at the right amount.


Our technicians can offer a complete offering of quality equipment, and combined with our expert advice and knowledge, will help you maintain proper humidity levels, relax comfortably in your home and breathe easier.


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