Financing & Payment Options

Limcan Certified Heating and Air Conditioning Offers Financing And Payment Options To Help

There are a lot of things you would most likely rather be spending money on, but with our consumer financing programs we hope you can do both. Limcan Certified Heating and Air Conditioning provides a monthly investment plan so you can feel comfortable purchasing a heating and cooling system that meets your needs.


Our financing includes:

  • Low monthly payments
  • No down payment
  • No annual fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Competitive interest rates


Break Down Your Costs

It can be overwhelming when your heating and cooling system goes out and it’s often a surprise expense. Limcan Certified Heating and Air Conditioning offers EasyPay Monthly Payment Programs that help ease the pain for you to find the most appropriate system that guarantees to provide you with the best in-home comfort, while meeting all of your heating and cooling needs. And we help to make it affordable.


Call 905-427-2577 to learn more about your options and to prequalify now. Our HVAC financing is quick, secure and private. Simply click this link to get started.