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Green Options For Your Home

Does opening at your utility bill make you feel a little green? Actually, going green may make you feel better about your energy costs, and you’ll also be helping to reduce your impact on the environment.


Limcan Certified Heating and Air Conditioning in Whitby is an official ENERGYSTAR® Retail Partner, and our team of experts are enthusiastic about providing energy efficient, ENERGYSTAR®-rated heating and cooling systems that reduce the impact on the environment while maintaining your home comfort needs.


Why Is It So Important For Limcan Certified To Be An ENERGYSTAR® Retail Partner?

Being a Retail Partner sets us apart from our competitors. A limited number of our competitors are known as ENERGY STAR® Retail Partners. This unique distinction supports our company's commitment to reducing energy bills and at the same time improving comfort for homeowners.


Review our green solutions for your home:


  • Solar Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Hybrid Home Comfort Systems
  • High-efficiency Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Programmable Thermostats


Whether your family is ready for a home energy system that uses solar power or want to take the first step by finding a programmable thermostat to help lower your energy costs, Limcan Certified in Whitby has a variety of HVAC services and products and can walk you through your options for your family and your family.


Where Can I View More Information On ENERGYSTAR® And Review Partner Information?

Go to to find more detailed information on the program and research retail partners. Working with an official ENERGYSTAR® Retail Partner helps you to know that your home comfort is in good and responsible hands focused on meeting your needs while reducing the impact on the environment. You can receive a free system estimate to provide you more information on the ENERGYSTAR® products and services we offer.


When you make the decision to purchase from Limcan Certified in Whitby, you’re buying from a company committed to helping people reduce their impact on the environment, without sacrificing features, quality or your desired comfort. Give us a call at 905-427-2577 or schedule an appointment online and we’ll walk you through your options!

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